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Emotional Healing with Human Design

Okay, so you know your energetic aura type, and your strategy, and you find out that you have Emotional Authority - how does it work? What does it mean? Well buckle up, buckeroos, because I am here to learn you all a thing or two, and hopefully help you heal in your own unique emotional wave.


Emotional Authority explained

Us lucky beings that have emotional authority have their own emotions that can seemingly come up from nowhere. Sometimes you really just feel things for no reason whatsoever. Sometimes you also have events that can set off a chain reaction of very drastic emotions and you (or others around you) may feel like you have whiplash from the sudden flip of things.

I'm here to tell you this is all totally normal.

You are designed to fully experience your emotions from a place of NON-JUDGMENT and OBSERVANCE. This is the emotional highs and the lows. No judgment. Allow that to sink in. What would it feel like if you didn't try to rationalize and explain when you just feel like crap? Or when you're so happy that you literally feel like dancing around the house singing at the top of your lungs? It is all okay.

For those of us with Emotional Authority, it is important that we wait before making big decisions - a neutral emotional state is what you're looking for.

Believe it or not, finding your emotionally neutral place can be very difficult. It's always easy to tell when we are in lows, but distinguishing a high from a neutral is tricky. It's a process I am still learning myself. I recommend tracking your emotions in a way that works best for you. It may be through an app, or manually in a journal. I personally use a journal and check in a few times a day. Once you figure out what your wave looks like, it can be really liberating. If this isn't for you, that's okay too, but I encourage you to try it at least for a week.


How to use your Authority

Like I mentioned above, you are looking for a neutral place in which to make this big decision. You should ask the question, "Is this thing going to make me happy?" And now wait for your body to respond. Now, it's important not to get too deep in your mind about this question. It should be a feeling somewhere outside of your head where you feel expansive, light, excited if it's a "yes" for you. If it's a "no," you might feel a sense of contracting, dis-ease, or gross about it. If you're truly in a neutral state when making this decision, it will be a "hell yes" or "hell no," but what about those weird feelings in between a yes and a no?

Now, what about if you don't feel anything? You ask, will this make me happy, and you feel nothing or a, "meh/blah" feeling. That's when you should know that it is not for you RIGHT NOW. It's okay to revisit this issue/opportunity/decision later, but right now it's a "no."

Let's talk about fear for a moment. It's definitely something that we all have to deal with. I myself have lived a lot of my life in fear, but about a year ago, I made the conscious decision to not let fear hold me back anymore. I still am afraid of many things, but I push through them when I know something is still right for me. When you're making a decision and you get a ping of excitement, expansion, but also hesitation, I encourage you to check in with your fear. Is this opportunity feeling good, but you're afraid? Work through it.

Let me give you an example of fear with a yes. I HATE flying. It's a fairly irrational fear - you're far more likely to get in a car accident than a plane crash. But if a plane crashes, you're quite possibly done-zo. And that is terrifying for me. But I also have a deep love of travel and exploration. I recently had the opportunity to travel internationally for the first time. I was definitely scared. But I knew it would absolutely make me happy. And I stepped past that fear to take this trip and grew sooooooo much from it. It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I am so glad that I let myself experience that, and push through the fear.

Me living my best life in Costa Rica, because I didn't let fear drive me away from happiness.


In further posts, we can explore the different types of emotional waves and the uniqueness of them all!

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