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What the heck is Human Design?!

All the basics of Human Design before you dive deep into your design.

If you've made it here, chances are you know a little bit about Human Design, but maybe not as much as you'd like to know. Don't worry - I will help guide you through the basics!

I first was introduced to this system by way of my beautiful Manifestor friend, Meghan. A holistic aesthetician, and intuitive beauty guide, Meghan pulled my human design chart and explained a few basics to me and I was hooked. A year and 10-day intensive reader training later, and I knew this was something I was called to share with the world. I learned about the five different energy-types and their life strategies, the gifts I posses and where I am most open to conditioning from the outside world. Here below I will give you the basics of how we all operate in the energetic world.

Where Human Design Started

In the 1980s, Ra Uru Hu downloaded this energetic system in the middle of an intense 10-day meditation. It is a mix of many different energetic systems including the Chinese I'Ching, Hindu Brahmin Chakra System, Western Astrology, and the Kabbalist Tree of Life.

The basis of the system is neutrinos - tiny dark matter particles that are passing through all of us all the time. These neutrinos pick up and transfer information based on what they pass through, leaving an energetic imprint on everything and everyone. These imprints are what create your human design.

The Five Energetic Aura Types

The first and most common type is the Generator. People who are Generators are here to follow their gut responses and do what lights them up.

The next type is the Manifestor. Manifestors are here to initiate themselves and others. They are the spark in the world to inform the universe.

Next are the hybrid Manifesting-Generators. Man-Gens are a beautiful mix of the previous two types, here to both initiate and do what they love.

Projectors are more rare than the previous types. They are here to follow what fascinates them to find their niches in life, and to wait for their invitations to share their wisdom.

Finally, the most rare energetic beings are Reflectors. Reflectors are designed to be discerning and sampling with their energy - they pick up and amplify the energy of others, and can sense what is and isn't working.

If you're curious what kind of aura you have, I encourage you to book a reading and we can dive into your unique gifts!

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